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...you probably shouldn't be near an outdoor grill if you have an oxygen tank.

I made cookies & cheesecake.Collapse )



This community's been sort of quiet for a while, so here's a post to wake it up again. :) I've been having more fun over the last couple of months making homemade marshmallows! I've seen "gourmet" marshmallows sold for a dollar apiece or more...these are fun and cheap and good, and may end up being part of some folks' holiday gifts this year. Package a few with some good hot chocolate mix and possibly a nifty mug or two, and voila, instant gift basket.

Recipe and a picture under the cut...Collapse )

Suggestions for D&D snacks

So this weekend, for the first time in YEARS, I return to D&D.  I also get to stumble through my 1st game in 4th edition.  

I am playing a paladin.  I love them to pieces, and it's the class I feel most comfortable with.  

Since I am the 36th floor baker, I volunteered to at least bring the sweet treats.  I know I'll probably do Ranger Cookies (an old favorite at my old games, this is a recipe similar to the one I will use), but what else?  I really, really want to be in theme.  Any suggestions?  Also note:  I typically run screaming from cookies that involve the clever application of Royal Icing, so while these are awesome, I think I'd go for something a bit simpler...


Tuna pasta Sauce

Last night I put together a dish I've been playing around with for some time; pasta (in this case Farafelle a.k.a. bow-tie) with a tuna tomato sauce.

Recipe behind the cut...Collapse )
Was pretty quick, and I think this was the best effort at this to date.


BoingBoing just posted a link to this nifty entry on how to make your own dice bag. No, I mean a literal dice bag. Check it out!
So I'm on a diet. As with most of my diets, it's because I'm a raging LARPer, and want to look *fabulous* in my costuming.

When you undertake a project like this, do you run stats and keep records like you're minmaxing a character sheet? I find it comforting to obsessively number crunch my way towards progress.

(Incidentally, on sparkpeople.com, we have a group called hawtgamers. My user name is manywaters, same as LJ if you're interested.)

Jun. 18th, 2008

Check out ThinkGeek's creative measuring cup, and the very exact recipe for 1337cakes!

Equal Measure

As they say...referencialicious!

May. 13th, 2008

A few years ago, I tried and failed miserably at cross-stitching. Within the past couple of months, though, I picked it up again and I haven't been -as- bad.

In fact, I'm sort of hooked. O.o

Anyways, because I'm cheap like all whoa, I cross-stitched my mom's mother's day gift.

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Shoggoth Bread

Looks like cvillette has a good sourdough starter a shoggoth named Elmer and excellent instructions on using your own shoggoth to make bread.

(Follow the pretend cut...)


Check out Wilton's newest shaped cake pan!